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More than a business platform. A true partner.


Ceros is highly flexible, collaborative and creative. In partnership with our clients, we apply our considerable knowledge, resources and experience to ensure our platform and services perfectly suit every particular need. Our clients experience superior accessibility and responsiveness, often consulting with us not only on day-to-day issues, but for longer term planning and growth strategy. 


This approach has yielded a number of service offerings which add significant value for our clients. Whether aimed at simplifying back-office functions, expanding advisors’ capabilities or just providing expert consultation, Ceros continually strives to help our clients’ businesses grow and run smoothly.



Value Added Services

Value Added Services

The Ceros platform is designed to handle the sophisticated requirements of various investment advisors, including: 

  • RIAs and Hybrid advisors in need of customized, flexible back office functionality
  • Tactical RIAs utilizing mutual funds, ETFs, equities, fixed-income, futures and alternative investments 
  • Managers starting a hedge fund in need of prime brokerage capabilities
  • Fund managers in need of full-service outsourced trading

Ceros’ practice of collaborating with our advisors has resulted in a wealth of additional services designed to keep their businesses running smoothly. Services we offer in addition to our core platforms include:

  • Extensive ETF and Equity Trading Facilities
  • Creation of Client's Own Mutual Funds and/or Hedge Funds and Futures and Options
  • Advisor Directory
  • Advisor Events and Networking
  • Flexible Pricing Advisor Benchmarking
  • Real Time Quotes, Charting & Research
  • Dedicated Transition teams
  • Interface with Quicken

Retirement Programs

Retirement Programs

Retirement Income Calculator

Build your retirement business with Ceros. By offering a range of retirement options, you can help clients prepare for one of their most significant life changes and help your business with assets that are likely to stay with you. Ceros can help you tap into this part of your business with several available retirement program options including1:


  • Retirement income calculator - A powerful software tool that helps simplify the complex steps of retirement income planning. You can use it to efficiently build a retirement income plan with existing customer asset and account information IRAs – Available to investors under the age of 70 1/2, this tax-deferred investment vehicle enables investors to contribute to their own retirement nest egg and not pay taxes on the income until it is withdrawn2.
  • Roth IRAs – These popular retirement vehicles are designed for investors whose compensation does not exceed aggregated gross income (AGI) limits. After-tax contributions accumulate tax-free, provided certain conditions are met, and qualified distributions are free from federal income taxes3.
  • SEP IRAs – These retirement vehicles may be ideal for your self-employed and small business owner clients.
  • 401(k)s – Offer your clients 401(k) plans. The 401(k) plan is a type of employer-sponsored defined contribution retirement plan which allows a worker to save for retirement while deferring income taxes on the saved money and earnings until withdrawal.
  • Simple IRAs – The Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) IRA is a way for your small business clients to offer a salary deferral plan minus the cost or administrative responsibilities associated with traditional 401(k) plans. 

1. Any overviews herein are intended to be general in nature and for current interest. While helpful, these overviews are no substitute for professional tax advice. Investors should seek such professional advice for their particular situation. Neither Ceros Financial Services, Inc. nor any of its affiliates or representatives is providing tax, financial or legal advice. 

2. Ordinary income taxes apply at the time money is withdrawn from the account. Early withdrawal penalties may also apply. 

3. Early withdrawals may be subject to both taxes and a 10% penalty.

Margin Borrowing

Margin Borrowing

Offer your clients an additional option for helping achieve their investment goals and meet their ?nancial needs — the ability to set up a margin borrowing account for quick and convenient access to credit.

Margin borrowing allows your clients to obtain a secured line of credit by using eligible securities in their account as collateral. For clients that meet certain requirements, they can take advantage of financial opportunities, even if they don't have cash immediately available. Through its partnership with NFS, Ceros enables advisors to offer this powerful tool to their clients. Contact Ceros for more information.

There are special risks associated with margin investing. Investors may be called upon to deposit additional cash or securities if their account value decreases. This strategy may not be suitable for all investors.


Ceros provides value through true partnership – and invites discussion of your particular business needs. Contact Ceros today to learn more.

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