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Hybrid RIAs


Serve fee as well as commission clients – all on one powerful platform.

Independent RIAs are the fastest-growing sector serving individual investors. While many factors contribute to this movement, they can be summed up in terms of greater freedom, independence and, ultimately, a more rewarding career.

Wherever you choose to go, Ceros is the partner you need to go there with you.


However, going straight from wire house or bank to RIA status is not the only option available. A popular option is to be dually registered, maintaining your series 7 license while building up a fee-based business. This hybrid status is a permanent solution for some advisors, while for others it is a "stepping stone" to becoming a fee-only RIA.


No matter which direction advisors take, Ceros provides all of the capabilities, services and experience necessary to make the transition a success. Furthermore, we have the capability to be flexible when you take the next step.  Wherever you choose to go, Ceros is the partner you need to go there with you.




Transitioning with Ceros


Transitioning with Ceros


Ceros' flexibility and collaborative approach to serving client needs makes it a natural choice for the hybrid advisor. Whether you view becoming a hybrid as a stepping stone to becoming a fee-only RIA or plan to remain a hybrid advisor, we provide you with the capability to integrate fee and commission business into one platform. If or when you choose to change how you do business, Ceros can adjust to your shift in status accordingly, all while providing a consistent interface for all of your clients.


Fee/Commission Capability


Fee/Commission Capability


Advisors planning to break away from a bank or wire house can keep earning their commissions while simultaneously earning fee-based income. Ceros has a great deal of experience facilitating a wide variety of professional transitions, while providing consistent, seamless service for our clients, as well as for their clients.


With Ceros, your fees and commissions are all integrated into a single system, reducing paperwork, confusion and inefficiencies, freeing you to concentrate on serving your clients and growing your business.


Integrated Platform


Integrated Platform


Ceros provides a single, highly sophisticated platform, capable of handling all of the needs of the hybrid advisor. The platform integrates all of your business into one system. Reporting, fee-billing, applications, account processing and other services are all managed and processed on a single system, making your life much simpler and far more efficient.


Furthermore, our flexibility and technological capabilities make it possible to contemplate changing your status without changing your platform. We will work with you closely to ensure that you, and your clients, experience a seamless transition when you're ready to make it.


We understand Hybrid RIAs – and invite discussion of the options available to you. Contact Ceros today to learn more.

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