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Outsourced Trading Desk


Trading takes experience, connections and infrastructure, not to mention a great deal of time. Ceros offers outsourced trading desk services to free your mind, and your calendar, so that you can focus on what you do best.

We have the infrastructure, expertise and capacity to reliably handle all of our clients' trading needs.


Portfolio managers have to be good at a lot of things. Understanding markets, staying informed, making good decisions and keeping clients happy require a slew of skills and talent. On top of that, add the demands of running a business, attracting new clients and investors and staying ahead of the competition. Amongst all of this activity, however, managers need to somehow maintain a focus on doing what they do best - which is what they get paid for. One way to keep your focus, while keeping costs down, is to outsource one of the more demanding and time-consuming functions of your business – your trade desk.



Ceros’ trading services are highly flexible. We have the infrastructure, expertise and capacity to reliably handle all of our clients’ daily trading needs – or simply to provide dependable supplemental resources as required. Call on us to fill a need when in-house resources become unavailable – even on short notice.


No matter what your requirements, Ceros’ agency-focused execution model ensures that we always serve your best interests without risk of conflict and to the highest standards of professionalism.


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