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Tactical Managers


Geared for success. The right partner for the tactical manager. Over the past decade, Ceros has been addressing the particular needs of the tactical manager. With the capability to execute high volume trades, quickly and efficiently, while providing comprehensive and accurate reporting and back office services, Ceros is the preferred choice for many tactical advisors.




Focus on Tactical Management


From its very beginning, operating as RFS, a division of Rydex Investments, Ceros has placed a focus on the needs of the tactical manager community.


Since that time, Ceros has consistently retained and grown its ability to meet the demands of the tactical manager. Through multiple trading and custodial partners, its in-house trading desk services and an array of added-value services which specifically aid tactical managers, Ceros continues to cater to tactical managers.
  • A culture that understands tactical-management strategies due
    Ceros has placed a focus on the needs of the tactical manager community.
    to our genesis at Rydex Investments
  • No platform level mutual fund short-term trading restrictions (short-term trading restrictions are enforced as requested by the individual fund families prospectus)
  • A network of firms that provide instruments and services that cater to tactical managers

We understand tactical managers – and invite discussion of your particular business needs. Contact Ceros today to learn more.

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